Dub Commission Voted Ft Worth’s Critic’s Choice BEST CLUB DJS for 2011 By The FW Weekly

Unbeknownst to us, writers for the Weekly have been creepin in the shadows, keepin their eyes and ears on us, and low and behold, they decided we were the BEST CLUB DJS in FT WORTH!?! Many thanks to the critics and all the fans over our nearly 5 year journey…

Heres the excerpt and link to the FW Weekly site –

FW WEEKLY Best of 2011

“Club DJ

Critic’s choice: Dub Commission

Fort Worth has never been known as a DJ-friendly city –– working a glowstick is kinda difficult when you’ve got a PBR in one hand and a Marlboro red in the other (to say nothing of your clunky cowboy boots or Wolverines). But this tightly affiliated collective of DJs has been changing that perception, mainly from the friendly-swanky environs of the Red Goose downtown. DJs Dragonman, Soy Capaz, Blackcat, Bassick, Tangles, Pusher, and others have also recently begun a Wednesday-night residency at Lone Star downtown.”

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